Unique Gifts for the Holiday Season. Don’t Miss Out! Now Available in my Stores!


Hi all! With the holiday season coming up it’s never too early to start shopping for that one of a kind gift for your friends and family. They will make for great stocking fillers too! The great thing about all the designs featured here is that they are UNIQUE and hand drawn.

My style is continually growing and evolving and recently I’ve been loving drawing mandalas. It is so therapeutic and I love using my imagination to create the intricate designs. I’ve been dabbling with digital editing of images a lot lately so some of my work featured in my gallery is designed in this way – basically I take a hand drawn design and turn it into a pattern – it’s so much fun. I just love taking old designs and turning them into new ones!

If you like what you see you can visit and purchase my designs in my stores:
Society6:Β http://bit.ly/2l96vnV
Redbubble:Β http://rdbl.co/2gBgGQU

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. I’d love to hear what you think of my work!


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